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Emanon Winterguard Based in Toms River, New Jersey, our organization offers young adults – ages 14 to 22 – a unique, valuable marching arts experience. Founded on the principle that a highly competitive program can achieve great success without sacrificing education or innovation, Emanon has been inspiring and nurturing passionate winterguard performers since 2000.

Our Program Prioritizes: 

Harnessing Potential – We want each individual in our organization to grow, take on new challenges, and walk away from each season having exceeded their own expectations.

Training Technique – We know how integral a comprehensive education in movement and equipment mechanics is to the ability of a performer to succeed, so we prioritize technical blocks all season long. 

Entertainment & Innovation – We strive to always put out memorable, exciting, and interesting productions – shows that members love to perform and audiences want to watch over and over again. Our creative team is encouraged to explore their out of the box ideas.

Positive Community Impact – We want our organization to be a pillar of support, kindness, and positivity – not just for those within our ranks, but for anyone who may cross our paths. We hold every person involved with Emanon to a high standard of such behavior. 

The “FamELE”: 

We are, above all else, built to be a home for passionate people who love what they do and who they do it with. We value everyone who walks through our doors as a human being first and foremost – and then watch as they thrive as a result.

Currently Emanon:

Competes as an Independent A class program within two primary competition circuits: MAIN (the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network) and WGI (Winter Guard International). ​ 

Accepts members up to 22 years old. Performers of high school age must affirm that there is no scholastic opportunity available to them prior to being contracted. ​ 

Maintains a weekend-only schedule throughout the entirety of the season, allowing members to balance their winterguard career with their studies, jobs, social calendars, and other obligations. There is only one exception to the weekend-only schedule: WGI World Championships each April. ​ 

Gives friends, fans, and future members regular updates and glimpses into life as a part of Emanon via social media on both Facebook and Instagram.